Independent Photography Festival 2015

Alessandro Simonetti
Image: Alessandro Simonetti
Chris Shonting
Image: Chris Shonting
David Boyson Cooper
Image: David Boyson Cooper
Eric Brittain
Image: Eric Brittain
Jason Hamilton
Image: Jason Hamilton
Levi Mandel
Image: Levi Mandel
Lukasz Wierzbowski
Image: Lukasz Wierzbowski
Ryan Cookson
Image: Ryan Cookson
Sarah Pannell
Image: Sarah Pannell
Sarah Pannell
Image: Sarah Pannell

IPF 2015

IPF is an annual celebration of independent photography, its application and practice.

Initiated by ​Hard Workers Club, ​Smalltime Projects and ​The Good Copy, and hosted by some of Melbourne’s best small galleries and project spaces, IPF presents a series of exhibitions by Australian and international photographers.

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